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Energy-Saving Attic Insulation

Reduce your energy costs with attic insulation from American Quality home Improvement. Insulating your home improves your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%, which is noticeable savings in your pocketbook. We also provide free quotes to give you an idea of the best way to tackle this project.

Blow-in Isulation

Blow-in insulation is sometimes referred to as loose-fill or blowing wool insulation. There are several different ways to use this product, but the most common is in attics. Insulation is specified by R-value, which is not equal the height in inches of thickness installed. A trained professional may be able to install your blow-in insulation faster, more efficiently and with better results.

Available Choices

You have the choice of fiberglass or cellulose, though we suggest fiberglass. It covers hard-to-reach areas and doesn’t decay or provide food for animals and microbes. When we spread the fiberglass insulation, we make sure every inch is covered, and that your attic exceeds industry standards.

Complete Installations

All installations have no hidden fees, and include baffle installment for each soffit vent and flashing installment around recessed light fixtures. We also install barriers around the attic access and batt insulation on the attic cover.

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